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January 13th | 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Attend Our Upcoming Live Virtual Visitors' Day: The Knightly Experience!

January 13, 2020 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Prospective Parents! You’ve heard from our high-quality administration and faculty and had the opportunity to connect with NDAE alumni. You have learned what makes NDAE the Catholic school of the future. Now, it’s time to find out what it truly means to be a Knight by speaking directly to the students! Bring your children and join us for our last LIVE admissions event for the upcoming school year for your chance to connect with current students and their parents — GAMESHOW STYLE. While our incredible students, families, and alumni are the stars of this Visitors’ Day: Knightly Experience event, members of our faculty and administration will also be available to answer your questions.


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Led by the 8th Grade Leadership Team

Watch the NDAE virtual school tour below!


Led by the 8th Grade Leadership Team

Watch the NDAE virtual school tour below!

Replay Live Sessions from Open House!

Following a warm welcome and NDAE Overview from Ms. Paetzold, President/Head of School, and Principal Ms. Hobbs, you will hear from panels of Notre Dame Academy Elementary School’s esteemed administration, faculty, current families, and students.

Watch October 24th Open House General Session Replay Below 

Watch November 18th Open House General Session Replay Below 

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Finding a Perfect Fit For Your Family is Important!

We are here to help you and your family along the admissions journey and beyond by facilitating clear and open communication. Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers to accompany the variety of resources available at our virtual Open House. If you need additional clarification, we encourage you to reach out to the Admissions team by completing the contact form below.

What's the student faculty ratio?


Does my child need to be Catholic to be accepted?

Our current student population is inclusive of students and families of all faiths. As a Catholic school, we do seek to maintain a majority population of students of the Catholic faith. However, if a student is a great fit for NDAE wholistically, we would not turn them away based on faith nor pressure a conversion.

Is NDAE coed?

Yes! Notre Dame Academy Elementary School is a coed learning environment, in which students are accepted and supported regardless of gender. We do, however, have an all-girls high school conveniently located next door.

What does "distance learning" look like at NDAE?

Our central communication platform is Google Classroom.  Every morning, teachers send out the messages, lessons, instructions, and assignments for the day to their students.  We believe in partnering with our parents and in responsive education. Therefore, our approach is designed to be flexible for the needs of our students and families, while structured to support our students. The majority of our direct instruction is crafted by the teachers and delivered through video to the students. The assigned tasks are “due” 24 hours later to give students time to complete tasks at a time that works best for them and their families and to accommodate for glitches in technology.  

This school year, we have incorporated a developmentally appropriate blend of live synchronous instruction and asynchronous instruction. This balance allows students to make connections and foster relationships when they are all together as a class, while the asynchronous work allows students to revisit videos, work at their own pace, and take some time away from the screen. Throughout the day the teachers are available for office hours so that they can meet with students as needs arise. Teachers have also worked to set up virtual recess opportunities so that students have social opportunities outside of class time. 

How much is the application fee?

The enrollment application fee is $100. 

Fostering 21st Century Leaders!

Guided by the Educational Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame and their mission to proclaim God’s goodness and provident care, the faculty and staff of Notre Dame Academy Elementary believe that a solid instruction in Catholic teaching and practices is essential for shaping morally responsible adults.

We are committed to providing a rigorous academic curriculum that challenges each student to achieve his/her highest intellectual and creative potential. In partnership with our parent community, we are dedicated to forming well-rounded, active Catholic leaders, who consistently strive to be persons of moral integrity, academically prepared individuals, effective communicators, and life-long learners making a difference in today’s world.

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What Current Families Have to Say

It’s hard to believe that Jordan, our eldest daughter, will soon be graduating from Notre Dame Academy Elementary. The past 2.5 years has been such a wonderful experience both for Jordan and our family. The challenges of the current pandemic have not made it easy on anyone, but NDAE faculty have risen to the challenge and affirmed to us why NDAE was our top choice and where we plan to send all three of our children. We’ve experienced firsthand the selfless, sacrificing nature of NDAE’s faculty and their unyielding dedication to providing our students with the very best learning environment despite the current environment. Seeing the faculty sacrificing their day off to organize an adapted Family Picnic last month just so that our kids could feel reconnected with their teachers and have some fun and semblance of normalcy was humbling, to say the least. The tireless, too often under-appreciated work that our NDAE teachers are undertaking to creatively and successfully adapt to teaching online is reflected in how engaged both of our daughters continue to be despite not have stepped one foot onto campus this year. The consistent transparency by NDAE’s leadership, headed by Ms. Hobbs, in sharing information in real-time also provides invaluable comfort to us as parents that we are truly part of the NDA family and that we are in this together. Thank you NDAE.


-The Park Family

Jordan (NDAE ’21), Hayden (NDAE ’23), Connor (future Knight), Shaun & Kelly

Courtney Simmons Parent of Kindergarten Student Our family is so thankful to be a part of the Notre Dame Academy Elementary community. Since starting in TK, our daughter has received many opportunities to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

The focus on 21st century learning within a secure, supportive, and faith-based environment is invaluable. We are especially thankful and in awe of the teachers’ and staff’s dedication to ensure all of the students have the opportunity for continued learning and a community during distance learning.
Jenn Stoner Parent of 1st Grade Student Our oldest daughter started at NDA when she was in TK and we could not be happier with our choice. The school’s philosophies and emphasis on social/emotional learning, kindness, empathy, growth mindset, and programs designed around building 21st century skills are so important for today’s little learners. We now have two girls at NDA and look forward to continue to watch them grow. Mario Apodaca Parent of 1st Grade Student Our family experience at Notre Dame Academy Elementary School has truly been memorable. The teachers and staff are nurturing, patient, thoughtful, organized and overall amazing. The Principal leads her team by example with her true genuine kindness, engagement, teamwork and innovation. NDAE ensures students have the resources to develop their 21st century skills necessary in preparation for the real world. NDAE academic achievement is as equally as important as its emphasis on diversity, to develop kind, inclusive and empathetic children. We genuinely love this school as much as our daughter and we feel so blessed to be a part of the NDAE community. Elaine Patel Parent of 3rd, 5th, and 6th Grade Students Coming from a public school, I was looking for a small, intimate environment for my three children. NDA has exceeding my expectations and checks off so many boxes on what I want for my family. The level of care at NDA is unparalleled. From Principal Ms. Hobbs knowing my kids like a fun aunt would to Vice Principal Ms. Hickl sharing her lunch break to help my son with homework, to Ms. Bomberger checking in to see how my kids' birthday parties went to Ms. Tran emailing me about a zoo promotion in the city where we had planned to take a family trip. This school is a special place because of the people that fill its halls. Teachers genuinely want to teach and they are supported by leadership that develops them in specific skills my kids will need when they pursuit their own careers. My kids are learning study skills at 3rd, 5th and 6th grade that I didn't learn until college and can master those skills into their adult professions. I'm looking forward to the teenagers they become because of their foundation at NDA. Michael Brownlee Parent of 1st and 5th Grade Students Notre Dame Academy is just what our family was in search of: A diverse staff and student body, top-notch academics and a school where our girls would grow spiritually. In our two years, we realized NDA was so much more. It’s also become a school of comfort, connection and community. It’s where the principal knows our children by name; where schoolmates and families can lean on each other; and in these times of CV-19, we’ve witnessed how administrators have really dug in and are committed to reimagining and redeveloping what learning looks and feels like for our children. All of this, while keeping their minds and hearts open to the input, ideas and concerns of their community of parents!

Yes, there are several school choices, but only ONE Notre Dame Academy.
Arlene Gelacio Parent of 8th Grade Student Coming from a small town in Hawaii that was family oriented, excellent community & great education, I was a bit concerned in moving back to LA. Our minds was at ease as soon as we went through the school tour. To return to NDA after our first child plus being away for so many years and to give our second child the opportunity in 7th grade was a no-brainer. She acclimated so well as the students welcomed her without hesitation. Currently, in 8th grade, she continues to excel in all her classes. We are beyond happy with the tremendous support by the administration, faculty & staff. The activities, curriculum with 21st Century technology & education has remain at the top level especially during this unprecedented time. We feel blessed that we've made the right decision. Naeli Kiely Parent of 2nd, 5th, and 8th Grade Students We have been a NDAE family for almost 9 years and counting. NDAE's commitment to our three children and all its students goes beyond expectation. Teachers and staff members supported our son’s passion in marine biology, from adopting fish as class pets, 3D printing a fly fishing reel to encouraging and helping secure internships at the local aquarium. When our family decided to take 4 months to live in South Africa, we were able to communicate directly with the principal and individual teachers to ensure that our children maintained their academic requirements while receiving sufficient leeway to have an adventure of a lifetime. When we sought advice on how to help another child maintain his interest in math, we were able to speak directly with the teachers and staff to discuss and quickly implement a structure that continues to spark his interest. NDAE provides for an environment where each child is is not only celebrated for their individuality but also supported and guided. Our teachers work tirelessly and there is never a doubt in our minds that our children’s safety and growth are always at the forefront. Freya Shih Parent of 6th Grade Student What else can I say except that we love NDAE! The amazingly friendly, hard-working, hands-on, present & accounted for staff, faculty, administration and teachers who make our children feel safe, seen and heard and challenged is the reason why we chose this school.

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